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4 Essential Tips For Oral & Teeth Health

When it comes to oral and teeth health, the best approach is a defensive one where preventive dental care is at the forefront. It should be a daily practice which will prove to be better than cure.

It will involve observing dental hygiene, making better dietary choices that support good oral health and going for routine dental checkups as well as other unconventional options such as the use of essential oils.


1. Dental Hygiene

Dental hygiene is all about maintaining a clean and healthy mouth to limit the buildup of bacteria that cause tooth decay, gum disease, and foul smell. Primarily, dental hygiene will most encompass brushing the teeth regularly, and this should be done using the right toothbrush and toothpaste.

  • The brush should have mildly soft bristles, and the toothpaste should contain calcium and fluoride. Washing the mouth with plain water or brushing with the same may help in cleaning the teeth, but it only works when trying to dislodge foods between the teeth and gums. Using plain water will not help in riding the bacteria in the mouth.
  • Brushing should be done at least twice a day (morning and evening). Brush for around 2 – 3 minutes and change the toothbrush after two months of use.
  • Besides brushing, flossing is a vital element in the cleaning process because it reaches between the tight spaces that the toothbrush bristles cannot penetrate to remove food debris. Flossing can be done at least 3 – 4 times a week.
  • Dental hygiene can be enhanced by the use of mouthwash, according to this mesa dentist, which is a liquid formulated to kill bacteria, help fight dental infections, and strengthen the teeth while giving fresh breath.

2. Dental Diet

Our food choices have a direct influence on our oral and teeth health. Observing strict dental hygiene is highly recommended but will have the least impact due to poor food choices. It is no secret sugars are a risk, they weaken and damage teeth.

As such, avoiding sugary foods, particularly those with artificial sugars significantly increases the chances of having healthy and healthy teeth and gums. Other notable food and drinks worth mentioned that should be consumed cautiously include raw tomatoes, teas, coffee, and certain berries; all these tend to stain the teeth.

3. Unconventional Options Such As Essential Oils

The increased deterioration seen in the production of different health products has raised concerns among may natural health practitioners. In the field of dental healthier, it is believed that incorporation of certain dangerous chemicals in dental care product increases the risk of developing problems.

And this has led to a need to look to other viable options such as essential oils.

Some of such products currently used in dentistry include spearmint essential oil, peppermint, clove, cinnamon, myrrh, and cinnamon essential oils that are praised for the potent antimicrobial properties and their ability to heal and soothe gums.

4. Dental Checkups

While following the above things will help in having and maintain good oral and teeth health, routine visits to the dentist for checkups is also essential. It plays a huge role in ensuring all if well with your mouth, from checking tooth damage and decay to ensuring you get a deep dental cleaning.

Vasayo Company is Helping the World With Microlife Products

Vasayo Company is Helping the World


Vasayo is a health company that offers innovative and new products to you. All of their products are branded under the MicroLife name. The basis of the design is ADT (Advanced Delivery Technology) and micronutrients.


Various studies have proven that additional nutritional supplements are not as effective as shifting your diet to ingest the nutrients naturally. This is because supplements have additives, fillers, binders and more chemicals that make it possible for organizations to offer several nutrients in one tiny pill. These extra ingredients make it hard for your body to recognize and absorb these nutrients.

Vasayo products are here to change the world. The company’s products lack these additional ingredients and also harness micronutrients to deliver nutrients without the need for extra fillers. This ensures that your body absorbs the vitamins well. The pills include liposomes hat form a lipid bubble to surround these micronutrients, keeping them in place. Your body is more easily absorbs the liposomes as compared to binders and fillers.

These amazing nutritional products are:

1. MicroLife Core Essentials

This multivitamins’ line will assist you to construct a robust foundation for nutrition for general wellness and health.

2. MicroLife Neuro

These are supplements which focus on growing and improving the health of the brain to enhance your mental power and focus.

3. MicroLife Energy
This line boosts energy and enhances performance.

4. MicroLife Sleep
This line of supplements assists to relieve stress and improve the quality of your sleep.


5. MicroLife Renew

MicroLife Renew is a blend of anti-oxidant that forms a supplement which prevents cell damage to your body and causes a decrease in inflammation.

In addition to inventing world class supplements, Vasayo also employs a big number of employees. Their consultants have 18 varying ranks to go for. The salespeople get paid a commission of up to 20% and a bonus of between 10% and 20%.





ASEA is an international marketing company with at least 30,000 associates. The company has two main break through products. ASEA Redox Supplement which is a pristine solution producing active redox molecules signals and RENU 28 which is a whole body skin revitalizing therapy. These products are bringing a revolution in health by providing body support mechanisms and boosting body health.


ASEA Redox Supplement.

This product is responsible for restoring the exact kind of signal molecules required by the body in the right quantities. By just drinking it, it is easily absorbed into the bloodstreams energizing the body in less thatn30 minutes. Also, it boosts the immune system as well as increasing the antioxidants performance. Antioxidants neutralize radicals and are activated by this redox supplement. It has boosts antioxidants body effectiveness with 500%


Capitalize on skin therapy by revitalizing skin health and producing a smooth, moisturized, even textured and with elasticity kind of skin. It also repairs the damaged skin tissues and provides an anti-ageing effect on the skin. RENU 28 gel that works from outside to promote cellular health, simplify the body process of generating and regenerating skin cells as well as shedding the dead cells.


It is a redox reducing anti-ageing face care system. Naturally, the skin renews its self regularly but with time, the process reduces drastically. Renu 28 Advanced, has scooped best of science healthy minded individuals.And nature by combining all redo signalling molecules technology anti-ageing blends and redox-friendly mechanisms.


ASEA is bringing relief to athletes by increasing their performance. During the ventilatory threshold, the process through which the body requires other sources of energy because it can not bring in enough oxygen to fuel the body, ASEA increases the threshold with a percentage of between 12% and 30%.

In conclusion, there are a lot of advantages of ASEA Science. It cuts across all ages, boosts athletes performance, anti-ageing performance and virtually benefit all. It is proven to have zero toxicity. Therefore, it is safe.






What We Eat Impacts the Earth

Many of the natural changes which are adversely affecting the world like global warming, water shortages, droughts, flooding, climate changes are caused by changes in the environment due to development as human beings destroy the natural habitat to create more space for building homes for the increasing population and growing food for consumption by the growing number of food. So though most people may not directly realize it, the food and diet which they consume is indirectly responsible for many of the natural calamities which are adversely affecting small towns and large cities around the world, as mankind modifies nature according to his requirement.

Increasingly more people are eating meat in their diet , and breeding cattle for producing the meat can be expensive for the environment as a amount of food consumed by the cattle. The diet of animals which are bred for meat like cattle and chicken also include a large number of supplements and additives which help them become fattter quickly, increasing the profit of the farmer. However these chemicals can be hazardous for the environment, polluting water bodies and the soil through out the world.
Similarly if fertilizer is not applied, fruit, vegetable and grain crops may grow slowly due to lack of nutrients, so farmers often apply chemical fertilizers which can be hazardous in the long term, causing soil and water pollution which is difficult to reverse. Also to prevent damage by insect and other pests, pesticides have to be applied, which are also toxic, polluting and can cause diseases like cancer.

Another major problem caused by our diet, is the pollution caused by food packaging. earlier leaves and biodegradable products like paper were used for packaging food, however increasing plastic and laminates are used for packaging, especially by large brands. After the food or beverage is consumed, it is difficult to get rid of the packaging , usually they end up taking space in the landfill as few people reuse or recycle the plastic packaging.What We Eat Impacts the Earth