What Are The Times DVLA Customer Care Can Be Contacted?

The DVLA plays a very vital role when it comes to buying or selling a car. The vehicle tax needs to be paid through the DVLA when you purchase a new car. At the same time you will be required to inform them about selling a car when you plan on doing so.

There are mainly two different ways through which you can contact the DVLA – through the online site or through the customer care number provided by them. The officials are very friendly and highly trained. Thus they will be able to help you with any query that you have. Here are some of the times when you can contact the DVLA.

Regarding How To Get A V5C Vehicle Registration

When you have purchased a new car, you will be requiring paying the vehicle tax. Along with that you will also be required to get a new registration number for your number plate. You can call up the customer care people or go you the online customer services in order to know the process of getting the V5C vehicle registration.

Any Form Of DVLA Information Regarding Purchasing A Second Hand Car

If you are planning on purchasing a second hand vehicle you might be requiring a little background check on the previous owner. By calling up the customer care executives you can get all the information that you might require regarding the vehicle before you initiate the purchase. The best thing best thing bout this is that you can be sure that you will be able to get the right information based on which you can make your choice.

If You Want To Sell Your Car

If you are planning on selling your car you will be required to take part in a few different types of procedures that will legalize the process. Thus you can contact the DVLA customer center in order to get the details regarding such sale. You will also be able to change the name of the registered seller in order to get the refund of the excess vehicle tax paid by you in regard to that car.

In Case You Need To Change Your V5C Certificate Details

If you need to change the details in your V5C certificate you can do so with the help of the customer care executives. All you need to do is call them up and they will do the needful while you are on call itself. You will just have to prove your identity and you can get all the changes done without a worry!

If you want a Personalized Registration Number Plate

In case you want a personalized registration number, you will be required to go to the online site of the DVLA. When you get there you can choose the option of the personal registration number plate and bid for the same. You can also call up the service center executives to get the details of the same.

Thus these are some of the thing that the DVLA customer care can help you with.

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How To Acquire A Provisional Driving License In UK ?

As soon as we attain the lawful age for driving most of us plan to take up a driving license so that we can take the car to the road. But getting a driving license is not that easy a process. There are a lot of details and steps required for the process to be a success.

The most important part of the process is to apply for a provisional driving license. This is also known as the learner’s license as it allows you to drive on the road but only for learning or practicing purposes. You will have to drive the car with an experienced driver beside you who will have a driving license.


Criteria To Fulfill To Get The Provisional Driving License

You will have to be a resident in Great Britain if you are looking to get a driving license in Great Britain. This is the most crucial criteria as you will have to prove your citizenship in order to get the provisional or actual driving license. The next important thing is the age limit. You will be required to meet a specific age limit if you are planning on taking up driving lessons. There are a few clauses in the list of rules that you need to meet in order to be a driver. You need to make sure that you do not fall under the list that prevents you from driving. It is also recommended that you have a valid insurance number as well.

You will require a valid UK passport and a debit or credit card in order to make the payment. You will also require a valid address where in you have been living for the last 3 years. You can apply online and it will be sent to your home. You can get the details by calling on the DVLA phone number.

When Can You Apply?

The age limit comes into force at this criterion. You can start driving when you are 16 in case of a moped or 2 wheeler and 17 when you want to drive a car. But you can apply for the provisional driving license as soon as you are 15 years and 9 months. You cannot apply for the actual driving license unless you attain the age. But you get the 3 months to practice you’re driving.

How Can You Apply?

You can easily apply for the process online. When you are going on to the DVLA site you will see that there is a place where you can apply for a new provisional license. Here you need to go ahead and fill in the details and pay a 34 pound via your debit or credit card. Once the details get accepted you will be sent a mail from the site that involves a check of your National insurance. On completion you will be sent a mail with a survey that you can opt out of. Once you are done, you will receive the provisional license within a week. Make sure you provide all the correct data required for the process.

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What Are The Things Due To Which Your Vehicle May Fail At MOT Test?

The MOT test can be very easy to pass in if your vehicle is in good shape and you follow all the mandatory prescriptions that are required for the same. But did you know, though it is quite an easy test yet many vehicles fail in it? The failing rate is not too high but it is seen that many of the good condition vehicles are failing the test.

Here are a few common reasons as to why many good condition vehicles are failing in the MOT test.

The Lamps Or The Headlamps Do Not Work

This is one of the most common reasons. You must be wondering that it is impossible to take the vehicle on the road if your head lamp does not work. But when we talk about the lamp we mean all the different lamps, including the blinkers. It is very important for all the different lamps to perform correctly during the test.

Problems In The Registration Card

The registration card is a very important part of the vehicle. Each state has their specific format and it is important for you to stick to it. Even a little bit of adhering from the format can make you fail the test. So it is very important to have the correct type of number plate or registration plate in order to get the best chances of passing the test.


Absence Of Wipers

Most of us do not pay any heed to the wipers unless we are required to use them. But in actuality, it is very important to have a good set of working wipers that will help you to pass the test.

Condition Of The Tires

The condition of the tires is not only important to pass the test but equally important for your safety while you are on the road. Make sure that you get your tires checked with a professional before the test in order to ensure that they are in the perfect state of affairs.

Problems In Suspension

This is a very subtle problem that some of you face. You can be sure that the official checking your car will definitely check the suspense of your Carl if it is not kept in the proper way then there is a high chance that they will not clear your vehicle for the MOT certificate.

Performance Of The Brakes

This is another very important part of the vehicle. The safety of your vehicle and driving depends on the performance of the brakes. So you can be sure that if your brakes do not work perfectly then there is a high chance that you might end up failing in the MOT test.

Problems In The Exhaust Ssystem

This is another thing that many of us do not pay attention to. It is recommended that you clean the exhaust system before the MOT test.

Make sure that you get all the above things checked in order to clear your MOT test at one go and drive your vehicle without any worry!

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