What We Eat Impacts the Earth

Many of the natural changes which are adversely affecting the world like global warming, water shortages, droughts, flooding, climate changes are caused by changes in the environment due to development as human beings destroy the natural habitat to create more space for building homes for the increasing population and growing food for consumption by the growing number of food. So though most people may not directly realize it, the food and diet which they consume is indirectly responsible for many of the natural calamities which are adversely affecting small towns and large cities around the world, as mankind modifies nature according to his requirement.

Increasingly more people are eating meat in their diet , and breeding cattle for producing the meat can be expensive for the environment as a amount of food consumed by the cattle. The diet of animals which are bred for meat like cattle and chicken also include a large number of supplements and additives which help them become fattter quickly, increasing the profit of the farmer. However these chemicals can be hazardous for the environment, polluting water bodies and the soil through out the world.
Similarly if fertilizer is not applied, fruit, vegetable and grain crops may grow slowly due to lack of nutrients, so farmers often apply chemical fertilizers which can be hazardous in the long term, causing soil and water pollution which is difficult to reverse. Also to prevent damage by insect and other pests, pesticides have to be applied, which are also toxic, polluting and can cause diseases like cancer.

Another major problem caused by our diet, is the pollution caused by food packaging. earlier leaves and biodegradable products like paper were used for packaging food, however increasing plastic and laminates are used for packaging, especially by large brands. After the food or beverage is consumed, it is difficult to get rid of the packaging , usually they end up taking space in the landfill as few people reuse or recycle the plastic packaging.What We Eat Impacts the Earth