Vasayo Company is Helping the World With Microlife Products

Vasayo Company is Helping the World


Vasayo is a health company that offers innovative and new products to you. All of their products are branded under the MicroLife name. The basis of the design is ADT (Advanced Delivery Technology) and micronutrients.


Various studies have proven that additional nutritional supplements are not as effective as shifting your diet to ingest the nutrients naturally. This is because supplements have additives, fillers, binders and more chemicals that make it possible for organizations to offer several nutrients in one tiny pill. These extra ingredients make it hard for your body to recognize and absorb these nutrients.

Vasayo products are here to change the world. The company’s products lack these additional ingredients and also harness micronutrients to deliver nutrients without the need for extra fillers. This ensures that your body absorbs the vitamins well. The pills include liposomes hat form a lipid bubble to surround these micronutrients, keeping them in place. Your body is more easily absorbs the liposomes as compared to binders and fillers.

These amazing nutritional products are:

1. MicroLife Core Essentials

This multivitamins’ line will assist you to construct a robust foundation for nutrition for general wellness and health.

2. MicroLife Neuro

These are supplements which focus on growing and improving the health of the brain to enhance your mental power and focus.

3. MicroLife Energy
This line boosts energy and enhances performance.

4. MicroLife Sleep
This line of supplements assists to relieve stress and improve the quality of your sleep.


5. MicroLife Renew

MicroLife Renew is a blend of anti-oxidant that forms a supplement which prevents cell damage to your body and causes a decrease in inflammation.

In addition to inventing world class supplements, Vasayo also employs a big number of employees. Their consultants have 18 varying ranks to go for. The salespeople get paid a commission of up to 20% and a bonus of between 10% and 20%.